Carport Project at Satsop Springs

Mark's Metal Carports was the vendor on this job; the cement pad poured at Satsop after the carport was built. Bayview provided the cement and volunteers did the work.

2010 Carport 2010 Carport

2010 Carport 2010 Carport

2010 Carport 2010 Carport

2010 Carport 

Pond Excavation at the Mayr Hatchery

Here are some before, during, and after shots of the pond being scraped out by Kysar & Koistinen, Inc., our contractor who won the bid for the job. There are also photos of the dock being removed and placed over a creek where it will now be used as a bridge - which will be really nice during touring season. There was a grating project down at the spawning area. We will also be extending the cement at the current spawning shed and pad site.




Broodstocking Hole Repair at Satsop Springs

A broodstocking hole at the foot of our fish ladder at Satsop Springs Hatchery. In this area a bar builds itself every few years and needs to be dug out so the seine net is able to capture the fish during broodstocking season. Kysar and Koistinen was the contractor on this project.




Seine Net Preparation for Broodstocking

These are pictures of our volunteers preparing a seine net for the upcoming Broodstocking season.



2010 Trout Planting from Satsop Springs hatchery


Dike Repair Work at Satsop Springs

Recent major flooding throughout Grays Harbor nearly wiped out Satsop Springs. We have a dike to retain water from entering the facility and it got to about 6" from breaching. James Koistinen from Kysar and Koistinen, Inc. who was awarded the contract added an additional 2-3 feet to the dike. It should help prevent any future floodwater from entering the facility.


Pond 3 Excavation Work at Satsop Springs

James Koistinen of Kysar and Koistinen, Inc. did the excavation work on the ponds at Satsop Springs. These photos are of Pond 3. James dug out and created a new landing for seining trout. He also created a new parking area for the tank trucks used for trout planting each spring. The ponds have not been excavated since inception of the facility so it was very much needed.


Stump Lake Cleanup

This cleanup effort was brought together through the Task Force. Stump Lake is in constant jeopardy of being permanently shut down because of the dumping out there. A group of folks volunteered one day's worth of cleanup effort. You can clearly see how much trash was removed from the site. Also you can see some of the gorgeous trout being caught out there!


Carlisle Project at Onalaska High School

Just a few pics of the kids setting up the net pens on Lake Carlisle. Each student averaged over 200 volunteer hours for the Task Force. We held a BBQ, and they each received an award, a shirt, and a taskforce hat.



Satsop Springs Hatchery - Enhancement, Fish Production

Facility: Repairs to fish ladder; built a deck with roof on employee housing.
Looking Ahead: New office building and breakroom for volunteers.
Production: 330,00 Chinook; 130,100 Chum; 450,000 Coho, 4,500 "Trophy" Rainbow.
Looking Ahead: Continued partnership with WDFW in effort to continue current salmonid allotment for future use.
Partnerships: CBFTF, WDFW, ALEA, Grays Harbor County, Weyerhaeuser, Elma Game Club, Grays Harbor Poggie Club, Montesano Moose, City of Ocean Shores, Port of Grays Harbor, Volunteers.
Benefits: Volunteer efforts saved 113,000 salmonid from destruction. Fishing for all user groups.


Satsop Springs Hatchery - Egg & Carcass Pilot Project

Partnerships: CBFTF, WDFW, Bingham Creek Hatchery, Grays Harbor Poggie Club, HCSEG, RFEG Coalition, Ocean Gold Seafood, and Port of Grays Harbor.
Benefits: The project's intention was to show WDFW a way to make the process more efficient and allow the RFEGs an opportunity to receive more funds for the sale of carcass and roe in the future. The success of this project has lead to creation of HB2881 (concerning the sale of surplus salmon from state hatcheries) in legislation.




Budd Creek

Barrier Correction: Two undersized culverts replaced with a 20x7 low profile bottomless arch.
Tributary: Budd Creek to Satsop River.
Species: Coho, Chinook, Steelhead, and Cutthroat.
Miles Opened: 2.5 miles of spawning andrearing habitat.
Partners: CBFTF, SRFB, and Mike Budd
Project Manager: Lonnie Crumley, Streamworks, LLC
Project Cost: $189,000

Carlisle Environmental Education

Partnerships: CBFTF, Onalsaska High School, WDFW.
Production: 105,000 Coho; 8,000 Trout, 35,000 Steelhead.
Facility: Aquaculture class now hatches and raises steelhead. School purchased crew cab.
Benefits: Education & Outreach, all user groups.



Central Park Field Trip

Partnerships: CBFTF, GH Community Foundation, Mayr Bros Hatchery.
Action: Volunteer Terry Baltzell provided a tour for Central Park Elementary.


Enhancement: Fish Production, Mayr Bros

Partnerships: CBFTF, Grays Harbor Poggie Club.
Production: 150,000 salmonid
Facility: Grays Harbor Poggie Club refurbished Coho Pond
Looking Ahead: CBFTF Grays Harbor Club & WDFW partnering to run Mayr Bros Hatchery.

Education & Outreach: Stump Lake

Partnerships: CBFTF, Elma Game Club, Volunteers
Action: Stump Lake is in jeopardy of closure due to dumping. Volunteer group hauled several loads of trash off site.
Benefits: Fishing for all user groups.

Habitat: Fish Barrier Removal, Swinhart

Barrier: Two undersized barrier culverts.
Correction: A 12x40 steel culvert.
Location: WRIA 23, Grays Harbor County.
Tributary: Black Creek.
Species: Coho, Chinook, Steelhead, Cutthroat, trout and Chum.
Miles Opened: 1.5 miles of spawning and rearing habitat.
Partners: CBFTF, FFFPP, Don Swinhart
Project Manager: Lonnie Crumley, Streamworks, LLC.
Project Cost: $60,000


Habitat: Fish Barrier Removal, Tosland Project

Barrier: Three 33% passable culverts, stumps, car bodies, washer & tires.
Correction: A 14x40 manufactured bridge.
Location: WRIA 23, Grays Harbor County.
Tributary: Wishkah River.
Species: Coho, Searun Cutthroat, Native Cutthroat, and Steelhead.
Miles Opened: 1.3 miles of spawning and rearing habitat.
Partners: CBFTF, FFFPP, Victor and Ruth Tosland
Project Manager: Lonnie Crumley, Streamworks, LLC.
Project Cost: $101,000

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